Why Hanex

  本頁圖片/檔案 - colour Unlimited Colors

Hanex offer a practically limitless range of colors

  本頁圖片/檔案 - water Non-porous

Hanex is a non-porous material so stains cannot penetrate its surface

  本頁圖片/檔案 - clean Easy to Clean

Any normal stain or chemical agents can be removed

  本頁圖片/檔案 - UV protection UV Resistance

UV stable colors with excellent colorfastness

  本頁圖片/檔案 - fire a Resistant to Fire

Hanex carries the highest Interior finishes fire rating as it does not allow the fire to spread

  本頁圖片/檔案 - reveal Repairable

Any scratch or stain can be sanded and polished to restore to its original state

  本頁圖片/檔案 - seamless Seamless Design

Sheets can be bonded together with inconspicuous seams. Smooth integration allows large areas without joints

  本頁圖片/檔案 - protect

Highly Durable

Hanex is made of natural minerals and high-performance acrylic

  本頁圖片/檔案 - anti


Hanex is capable of withstanding the spread of other harmful germs and bacteria.